Clyde Shopping Centre 

HI everyone, Welcome to our online website for A Crafty Affair!   The journey for us so far has been amazing and we can't wait to see what the next few years brings for us!  Anyway here is a little bit about A Crafty Affair and those who are involved! 

A Little Bit About ......A CRAFTY AFFAIR!!

I'm Edith, the very proud owner of A Crafty Affair!  Here is a background story about us....

A few years ago, in  September 2010, I had recently finished my job as an Occupational Therapist, and  together with my daughter and friend we dreamed up the idea of having our own business, a business involving handmade crafts, and with our various skills, we wanted to see where it would take us!    I've always had a love for certain crafts such as knitting and I was eager to learn more! In time, I wanted to integrate my skills as an O.T to our crafting business by introducing classes to the community.  Although this is not the path the business has taken, we will never rule out the idea in the future!   After selling our handmade items such as cards, bags, and various other homewares in markets etc, we were gaining a good response, and an opportunity came up to open up our very own shop!   

So, In November that year, A Crafty Affair opened its doors to the public, and for us, our business dream became very very real!   Instead of just handmaking everything ourselves, we entered the world of unique design led gifts by our fantastic suppliers extending the range of products we were able to offer our customers.

Our business has developed in many ways in the last few years, going from strength to strength.  We have held our own events in the community such as ladies nights where we have given other local traders the chance to sell their goods, we've Introduced "A Crafty Affair - At Home" - our party plan service, and have sold our products at vintage markets, shopping venues and businesses throughout Glasgow.  

We now have our shop which is located in the Clyde Centre. For more info please see "our shop" section.